Chiron Parachutes

Standard Color Combinations

CHIRON 340 Material Specifications
canopy material Nylon-Ripstop 44gr/sqm, NCV Porcher Marine S092ME
profiles/ribs Nylon-Ripstop 44gr/sqm, NCV Porcher Marine S092FM, hard finish for minimum stretch in all directions
lines Polyethylene (core) with Polyester cover (Dyneema or Spectra are known brand names for the Polyethylene fibre). The material is a special and long term proven pre-stretched high molecular structured weaving with maximum strengths whilst granting low stretch and bending insensivity. The canopy is equipped with line diameters from 0,04inch (143lbs breaking strength) up to 0,094inch (792lbs breaking strength), all in all 5 different line diameters/qualities are in use; a in diameter differing line conception to achieve maximum overall strength with lowest possible drag.
CHIRON 340 Technical Data
area projected 340sqft
area layout 383sqft
span projected 32,91ft
span layout 40,39ft
max. chord length 11,94ft
aspect ratio projected 3,19
aspect ratio layout 4,26
no. of cells 37
weight 19,8lbs

Chiron 310

The new CHIRON smaller size wing for single seater PPC and light weight two seater PPC.

CHIRON 310 Technical Data
area projected 310sqft
area layout 353sqft
span projected 30,41ft
span layout 37,89ft
max. chord length 11,94ft
aspect ratio projected 2,89
aspect ratio layout 4,07
no. of cells 35
weight 16,6lbs

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